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        Arachnophobia means “fear of spidersE In practice, it is usually taken to mean a deep terror of spiders, and perhaps of similar creatures, even when it is not justified.

        A simple fear of spiders is actually wise in countries where some spiders can inflict lethal bites on even adult humans. In such countries, it is sensible to learn which are deadly, which are nasty, and which are harmless to humans.

 Related problems and treatment
        Arachnophobia is a problem that limits the freedom of sufferers. They are not able to travel to the countryside because of their fear of finding a spider. They cannot live alone in an apartment because, if a little spider appears, they have to call a friend or relative to remove it. When going to sleep, they usually check that there are no spiders behind any furniture. In the long run some psychosomatic diseases, like heart and thyroid impairments, may occur due to years of arachnophobic stress. Sometimes, relatives or friends who do not understand the depth of the problem may scare arachnophobes with plastic or even real spiders.

        Previous therapies involve exposure to spiders (real, virtual or imaginary), but scientific research shows that 70% of arachnophobes would never undertake therapy involving any kind of spider.

        In SLAT, arachnophobes are treated without any exposure to spiders. Patients first attend a preliminary presentation of images. The degree of stress that the patient exhibits in front of each image serves to prepare a final individualized presentation, which is prepared specifically for each patient and should not be utilized by another arachnophobe



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